Coming Home

Whoops, got busy when I got home getting back into the swing of things and catching up with everybody. I left off here in Bannack State Park in Montana, where I discovered it'd be too cold to camp in Yellowstone, womp. Instead I adjusted my plans to rest for a day in Billings, and then head down to Estes Park, Colorado to meet Brad.

Pacific Northwest

Well with an extra day to relax in the Bay Area while waiting on parts we successfully replaced my oil pan. We had a nice test ride up into the mountains above Palo Alto.

Riding to the West Coast

From the Grand Canyon I headed south, through Flagstaff and into Sedona. I knew that Sedona had some cool rock formations, but what I wasn't expecting was to plunge into a small canyon through a series of hairpin turns over the course of a few miles. Sedona is a little tourist town nestled inside a small canyon, so the highway in from the north you ride between these beautiful red canyon walls. Sadly my pictures don't really do it justice, I was more concerned with how technical the road had become.

So Elevation is a Thing

After getting stormed out in Texas in the last blog post I headed into New Mexico. First stop was to go through Roswell, and since I'm not much of a UFO buff I thought it'd be cooler to check out the Contemporary Art Museum there. Apparently they have an artist-in-residence program where they bring artists to live there for a year and just make stuff. Of course the first piece as I walked in was very apt:

Storms in Texas

So my friend Liz is a jerk, because she asked earlier this week wanting to hear more about my mishaps on my blog, and then I got caught in two storms this week traveling through Texas...